Fuzzy logic rice cooker is god sent

For people who know how rice should taste would find it difficult to appreciate rice that is not properly cooked, overcooked, or unevenly cooked. If you are hosting a party with guests like that, take my advice and buy the best fuzzy logic rice cooker, because this technology is god sent for us. Traditional methods of rice cooking underwent sea change with the arrival of electrical rice cookers. Most people adjusted to what those rice cookers churned out, including me, simply because we had no time. But now that fuzzy logic rice cookers are around, I for one see no reason not to enjoy authentic taste of rice that I used enjoy when I was a child.
rice cooker
So what does a fuzzy logic rice cooker do? Honestly the words confused me as well. But the fact that there was a microchip integrated in the rice cooker was enough for me to buy this Zojirushi NHS-06. The concept was explained somewhere on net, and I had to try it. I must say I am not disappointed because it does come up with absolutely even cooking. In conventional cooking we do lower the heat or increase it after periodically checking the cooking. The chip does that for us in the fuzzy logic rice cooker.

Me being me, I have also bought another fuzzy logic rice cooker for my daughter so that she would realize what authentic rice tastes like. She has never tasted such rice out here, since we’ve been using less sophisticated rice cookers so far. For her, I have purchased the Panasonic fuzzy rice cooker, SR-DF 101 to be precise.

The best news is both these rice cookers keep my rice tasting fresh unlike the keep warm feature that I had in my older rice cooker. We can cook different dishes and steam different food at different temperatures. We are also able to cook brown rice better in these rice cookers. Cleaning is also considerably easier with these rice cookers since the cooking pot can be placed in dishwasher and no rice sticks.