What Do You Think About Grandma’s Surprise Visit

It goes without saying that grandparents have a high affinity to their grandchildren no matter their gender. It was last Sunday that my grandma, Jane, made a surprise visit to my apartment after service at the local church. The fact that I was not expecting any visitor this particular afternoon threw me into total confusion as a string of question ran through my mind. What should I prepare for her? Would she like it? She is such a choosy woman, and when it comes to drinks I bet she is undisputed queen of perfection. Guess what? There was only one savior in this situation and that was my highly prized machine that I bought after reading tons of best manual espresso maker reviews.

This was my best opportunity to prove to her that I am still her favorite and have not lost touch with what she spent years teaching me. I had grown with her in the countryside and well understood what she valued most. I decided to search the cable TV channels for ‘great programs’ and yes, there was this channel playing the “old good hymns”. I looked at her and saw the smile flicker at the corner of her mouth and knew I had won her heart. “Do you like it?” She asked. I was expecting this question way before it was asked and without hesitation I said “Yes!” It was only after I had made her feel as comfortable as possible that I excused myself and rushed to the kitchen. I had passed the first test.


The second test was to make her an espresso of all time to make the visit memorable. I thank God because of my busy schedule as I always have all the ingredients ready. The automatic espresso maker has always been my best friend. It was not long when I served it at the best temperature with all ingredients balanced to perfection. As we sat together to watch the songs we enjoyed the drink in silence. Then the question was shot to me “When are you planning to get a man and tie the knot?” This was a surprise and was the last thing I was expecting to be asked by her.

It is a fact that deep down me I knew the she liked the espresso because she had gulped down the first cup. And of course, wanted to prolong her stay but I personally did not like the marriage topic. She asked me to make another drink and we can talk the matter over it. As I went towards the kitchen to prepare the espresso I was not sure whether I will survive the storm of questions. However, the one thing I was sure about is that the automatic espresso maker will always make the drink perfect. It was less than 30 seconds and I was back on the table with her. I kept asking myself if this is all about the espresso or she came over because she really wanted to talk me into marriage.