Amazing Ocean Coffee Table


The Abyss Table by Duffy London is a conversation piece made from multiple layers of stacked wood and glass. The stunning coffee table mimics the geological cross-section of an ocean as layers of glass darken the deeper they are situated.

The handmade table measures (L)160cm (W)80cm (H)46cm and is limited to a mere 25 editions. Having the ocean inside your living room doesn’t come cheap with a price tag just shy of $10,000 usd. You can find more information on Duffy’s official website.


via Design Boom

Bread makers make good gifts

I received a bread maker from a family friend, so I should know. But when it came to selecting a bread maker for another friend, I did not know where to start. Of course, there are the usual and famous companies. The task should be simple, right? Wrong! Even the best companies have products that are flawed at times. So reading those bread maker reviews can shed some light on the product’s quality I suppose. But I most certainly do not have that much time, and would love somebody else to find the best bread maker review and tell me which of these deserve my attention. In fact, I would be glad if somebody else decided which bread maker qualifies as the best based on all such reviews. Unfortunately, that does not happen in our home.

bread maker machine

You see, we believe in democracy in our home, but when it comes to decision making I am the one who has to give the final nod. I did not ask for the position, believe me! It is their way of cleverly transferring the responsibility on my shoulders should anything go wrong. The decision to give bread maker as gift for the family friend’s house warming ceremony was unanimous, but everybody still looked in my direction. In keeping with my position, I asked them how do they know that this friend would be interested in the product we have in mind, and what if somebody else also had plans to give a bread maker. I knew I had scored. My younger daughter who I know will have a great career in public relations job came up with a solution. She suggested why don’t we send some of those reviews over to “aunty” and ask for her opinion on them. Bullseye! We did exactly that. We send a mail over to my friend asking her to read these bread maker reviews and tell us which one we should be buying for her. My friend took pains to go through all those reviews and selected five of them. Now, the ball is back in our court, and we have to order one. Why can’t decision making jobs be easy? We’re looking at this one, what do you think?

Fuzzy logic rice cooker is god sent

For people who know how rice should taste would find it difficult to appreciate rice that is not properly cooked, overcooked, or unevenly cooked. If you are hosting a party with guests like that, take my advice and buy the best fuzzy logic rice cooker, because this technology is god sent for us. Traditional methods of rice cooking underwent sea change with the arrival of electrical rice cookers. Most people adjusted to what those rice cookers churned out, including me, simply because we had no time. But now that fuzzy logic rice cookers are around, I for one see no reason not to enjoy authentic taste of rice that I used enjoy when I was a child.
rice cooker
So what does a fuzzy logic rice cooker do? Honestly the words confused me as well. But the fact that there was a microchip integrated in the rice cooker was enough for me to buy this Zojirushi NHS-06. The concept was explained somewhere on net, and I had to try it. I must say I am not disappointed because it does come up with absolutely even cooking. In conventional cooking we do lower the heat or increase it after periodically checking the cooking. The chip does that for us in the fuzzy logic rice cooker.

Me being me, I have also bought another fuzzy logic rice cooker for my daughter so that she would realize what authentic rice tastes like. She has never tasted such rice out here, since we’ve been using less sophisticated rice cookers so far. For her, I have purchased the Panasonic fuzzy rice cooker, SR-DF 101 to be precise.

The best news is both these rice cookers keep my rice tasting fresh unlike the keep warm feature that I had in my older rice cooker. We can cook different dishes and steam different food at different temperatures. We are also able to cook brown rice better in these rice cookers. Cleaning is also considerably easier with these rice cookers since the cooking pot can be placed in dishwasher and no rice sticks.

What makes a great kitchen knife?

A kitchen knife; it slices, it dices, it minces, it cuts…it is that handy tool we all use. But how much data do we know about them? Let’s face it; a well-equipped kitchen ought to have at least four different types of kitchen knives. While any typical person will less likely differentiate each of them, a chef’s knife, a slicer, a parer, and a utility knife are all but entirely different from each other. Most good kitchen knife set reviews often offer urban myths and half-truths about this paraphernalia.


Kitchen knives are rated, not just by how razor-sharp cutting process but also how one feels while using them as well as their durability. Standard chef knife reviews will help you determine which is the best chef knife that fits your cooking. However, a chef’s knife is identified by its wide cutting blade as well as vast array of uses. Thick or thin the edge is, an 8-inch triangular one is the most common; you might have, perhaps seen one.

For decades, the Japanese have been highly lauded by most of the kitchen knives reviews for creating some of the finest kitchen knives. Japanese knives are famed for being sturdy, light-weight and most importantly easy to use and handle. Besides their native Japanese names, they offer that unique grip, primarily derived from their unmatched design and precision. There are other top brands too, albeit Germany is another great destination. They often package theirs as a set of three or more, starting from a relatively smaller one to a bigger one.

Whereas the blade identifies a great knife, its material is equally vital. Carbon-bladed knives particularly are the most sought after, according to the many kitchen knives reviews. However, proper care of a kitchen knife is everything. It’s the aspect to define not just its longevity but its sharpness. After using one, you ought to carefully wash it, dry it and store it in a dry and moisture-free location. Remember that honing should be done only when it’s beginning to get blunt. Additionally, watch your cutting surface.