Bread makers make good gifts

I received a bread maker from a family friend, so I should know. But when it came to selecting a bread maker for another friend, I did not know where to start. Of course, there are the usual and famous companies. The task should be simple, right? Wrong! Even the best companies have products that are flawed at times. So reading those bread maker reviews can shed some light on the product’s quality I suppose. But I most certainly do not have that much time, and would love somebody else to find the best bread maker review¬†and tell me which of these deserve my attention. In fact, I would be glad if somebody else decided which bread maker qualifies as the best based on all such reviews. Unfortunately, that does not happen in our home.

bread maker machine

You see, we believe in democracy in our home, but when it comes to decision making I am the one who has to give the final nod. I did not ask for the position, believe me! It is their way of cleverly transferring the responsibility on my shoulders should anything go wrong. The decision to give bread maker as gift for the family friend’s house warming ceremony was unanimous, but everybody still looked in my direction. In keeping with my position, I asked them how do they know that this friend would be interested in the product we have in mind, and what if somebody else also had plans to give a bread maker. I knew I had scored. My younger daughter who I know will have a great career in public relations job came up with a solution. She suggested why don’t we send some of those reviews over to “aunty” and ask for her opinion on them. Bullseye! We did exactly that. We send a mail over to my friend asking her to read these bread maker reviews and tell us which one we should be buying for her. My friend took pains to go through all those reviews and selected five of them. Now, the ball is back in our court, and we have to order one. Why can’t decision making jobs be easy? We’re looking at this one, what do you think?